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How to increase Facebook Ads CTR

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by web genius, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. web genius

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    Jul 24, 2012
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    3 step process
    There are three main factors when it comes to Facebook ads: Photo, Title & Body, and Targeting.

    Select a photo of a person looking directly to the camera. People tend to react more with faces that are looking at them. Also put a colorful border around the photo, this will also draw attention to the photo.

    Keep the Title and the Body of the ad as simple as possible and do not sound as if you are trying to sell something. The prospect should not feel that he has to take action.

    You should target those who have precise interest in your market. When choosing interests try to go as specific as possible. Your audience might be fewer in number but they will be more responsive.

    A tip is to use Facebook ads to collect leads. It was shown that 97% of those who land on your offer will not buy from you. They will simply leave the page for good. When your prospects land on a page where you are capturing there email addresses you can market to them on multiple occasions