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    Hey all,

    Wanted to pass on some info that you may find useful. Being a (and I like the way someone put it the other day) new BEE and having not provided much helpful info I thot I could at least give you this info, in case you haven't seen it. It may be a good way to improve your marketing and websites. It comes from a guy named Sean D'Souza and his site is called ( I am NOT an affiliate of this ). It's all about marketing and what interests people and pulls their triggers. To get this as a freebie you'll need to visit his site. You'll also find a lot of helpful info there. It may be rehashing things for some, but hopefully helpful for others. What follows is from an email I got from Sean and what he's making available:

    Presenting $450 worth of bonuses--absolutely Free!

    So what do the bonuses comprise of?

    1) How To Use Visuals To Increase Sales Page Conversion.
    2) The Science of Pricing: How To Structure The Price You Want.
    3) Why Sales Pages Don't Work: The Critical Link Between Objections
    and Testimonials.
    4) The Psychology of the 'About Us' Page: Why Most 'About Us' Pages
    Slow Down Conversion.
    5) Attraction Triggers: The Sequence Of Customer Attraction.
    6) Conversion Triggers: The Triggers That Set Off The Purchase.
    7) Consumption Triggers: How to Keep Customers Coming Back To
    Buy Higher-Priced Products/Services.

    Each of these bonuses will give you a pretty detailed look into
    how you can quickly spruce up your marketing, and actually do a whole
    lot better than the competition.

    If you've read Psychotactics articles/or bought some of our products,
    you'll know that what you're about to receive is really
    comprehensive, professionally produced information--and not some
    shoddy stuff.