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    Hi guys,

    As some of you may know I've got a journey thread going on, it's quite difficult but I'm getting there.

    I do however have a question or two regarding my site.

    I've done research on my competitors and it turns out they're not all that, hardest keywords are around 69% competition (probably 10 of these MAX) rest are less than 50% and they are all high money making keywords. There will be 100s of them to rank for to generate traffic and money. There are also another 500 easy keywords to rank for probably 40% difficulty or less, and then there will be around 1500+ very easy keywords to rank for... the thing is my niche competitors have quite high domain authority main ones are 65-77, I'm only 46 at the moment. (Still not bad I guess, and yes I'm using SEOmoz to figure that out) I need to up my game and get a higher domain authority so that this spreads to my inner pages as I have 2000+

    Anyways moving on, I've bought quite a few SEO packages on BHW in the past when I first started out doing SEO in 2011. Since then I've realized that the majority of these services are by kids, who don't have that much knowledge compared to some of the big boys who are the real deal on BHW.

    Moving on my link profile for my site is quite bad at the moment. I got hit with a package from Portugalix a while back which was PURE spam and probably did more harm than anything. Anyways my site has somehow survived Panda and Penguin updates for now and I know I need to sort my back-links out before it's to late, I need high authority links what would be the best way to get these? I also need to diverse my anchor text more.

    Does anyone know what would be the best method to approach my back-link profile? I need to basically clean it up and make it good so that the crappy links won't harm my site! (Obviously I'm not going to use the disavow tool) My competitors have porn and lots of other crappy sites linking to it, but it's a high authority site.

    My domain is 2 years old, and I rank #1 for a couple of high competition keywords already. I just need to start taking my site to the next level and try to future proof it, but to do that I don't want to get bitch slapped by a Google animal along the way.

    Probably a bit vague but all help is appreciated, it's very hard to rank an eCommerce site.
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