How to improve conversion rates and squeeze extra sales out of your site

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    I work with a lot of clients who want the best possible advice on how to optimise their sites.

    We run CRO(Conversion rate optimisation) reports and can run a full analysis but to help them learn a little more about how CRO works we created a Facebook page with some really really good articles on how you should:

    • Structure Pages
    • Use call to Actions
    • BO System (Benefit / Option)
    • Landing Pages
    • How conversion is a thought process
    • The 3 second bounce rule
    • Copywriting
    • Headlines
    and a lot more

    It's quite advanced stuff but conversion is actually really simple. We update regularly. The only thing I ask is you become a fan if you like it.

    You can find all of the material here
    It's a really good resource of information if you want to squeeze extra sales out of your site and improve it to it's full potential.

    For your benefit, here's some of the articles which you can find there.

    Remember this, conversion is a thought process and your job is to give the user exactly what they're looking for in the most simple and easy way possible.

    Enjoy :)


    Dr Matt
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