How to Improve Alexa Ranking on My Website ??


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Mar 4, 2014
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Hello Friends,

I Have My Own New Website. i need to know white hat techniques for my website for How to improve Alexa Ranking in My website and How to Receive Real Organic Traffics on My website.. Give me Suggestion with Fully step by step details.. This Thread Really helpful for me..

alexa wont do anything good for you, it dont add any real value. But you can make it go up, by sending some fake hits to it

If you want organic visits, try to rank your site up. Learn SEO tecniques here in forum
No one here is going to hand you out with step by step instructions. You gotta jump right into it yourself. There is a whole separate section to learn about WhiteHat SEO here -->

Next time, don't create a skype id with the word "Expert" in its handle because you're not.
Alexa rankings are not important, maybe if you want to sell a site then people might be looking for that sort of thing. Just install the Alexa plugin for firefox and visit your page a lot of times and this will improve it. I am sure there is a program that could do this automatically for you. Or you could get a bot made to do it. If you really really needed to!!
We can improve alexa ranking so shoot me a p.m
Unless you are selling your site you won't gain any benefit from having a higher Alexa rank. Just try to get add much traffic as you can from quality sources such as Google and social media and your Alexa will naturally start to increase.
LOL at the step by step instructions part .. a forum full of information and you want someone to summarize it for you.

Alexa is easily manipulated - just scrape proxies - websites and make lists and then go into scrapebox and use that to do it for you.
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