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How To Identify Cheating Adult And Mainstream Sponsors (Geolocating User Click Count)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ewigeit, Sep 10, 2013.


Do you believe the sponsor you are promoting is shaving your sign ups - commissions?

  1. Yes,around 10%

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  2. Yes,around 20%

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  3. Yes,around 30%

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  4. Yes,around 40%

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  5. Yes,around 50%

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  6. Yes,around 50% and more

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  7. No,my sponsor is 100% legit

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  1. Ewigeit

    Ewigeit Newbie

    Jun 30, 2013
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    Hi everyone.
    As time passes i see scattered around the net, complaints for adult and mainstream sponsors shaving big time their affiliate sign ups.
    Well i found an easy way to check on them and i will gonna share that with you so you will be able to protect your self from this..."virus"...
    The whole method is based on surfer clicks count. We geolocate the number of surfer clicks, and redirect them with our affiliate url.

    First we need to have a site, or if we don't, we will just need a domain name.
    A good idea would be to create urls specifically for each sponsor (or website) that we promote with tracking code inside it, for example :
    domain /go/ site1
    domain /go/ site2
    domain /go/ site3

    Like this, url is looking clean and surfers will not be afraid to click on it, and also, we can switch to different program with no hassle.

    From my personal research the most accurate stats for the purpose we want, are being offered by statcounter. So go ahead and make an account if you don't already have.Then we create our tracking project and take our tracking code.

    After, we create a php file with the name of the site we want to promote (or sponsor, is personal preference).
    Lets say we promote dating, we will create dating.php and our url would be domain /dating .

    We edit that file and we paste the follow code in it.

    <!doctype html>
    <!-- Start of StatCounter Code for Default Guide -->
    <!-- End of StatCounter Code for Default Guide -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
    setTimeout("location.replace('Paste your actual affiliate code here')",235);
    <style type="text/css">
    background: #000000;
    So you just paste your personal tracking code, then your affiliate code for the redirection , and you are good to go.
    I gave black background to the page, so the surfer not to think the page is frozen (you can change it), and 235 milliseconds time, for the tracking code to successfully render the 1x1 pixel tracking image.

    Ok enough with the technical stuff, now lets cut to the chase.
    I saw with my own eyes that one adult sponsor i promote, is "hiding" or "shaving" some clicks , which most likely are sign up clicks.Even 2 or 3 , are considerable amount for me.

    I would like to hear your personal experience when it comes to "affiliate shaving", and also some comments on my tiny script for improving it.
    Thanks for your time reading this and i hope i helped with something.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2013