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How to: Hide IP,set up Paypal, hosting acct & FTP files, ?

Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by smackhatworld, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. smackhatworld

    smackhatworld Newbie

    Jun 7, 2008
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    My cousin wants me to help him set up adult sites. (all legal but he must have no traceability back to him for personal privacy reasons)

    I am no programmer, I do not know how to do this stuff AND it's on a Mac PPC G5 on 10.4, not yet 10.5 and not a PC:

    1. Needs to to hide his IP -- show it is in canada or elsewhere not usa, set up and maintain an ongoing Canada-based (or AU or UK?) paypal account, my understanding is they always trace and block someone not using same IP -- and PP blocks proxies and known anonymizers?

    2. Have non-US fake IP to set up a alternate 'biz/personal' account on paypal in such a case? He will use it to pay the webhosting service and receive affiliate payments, buy the domains, etc. It won't have a bank account affiliated with it; just a in and out account that's a hidden acc't that can't be traced to him. OR is there a online type of virtual debit MC or Visa that would be better/easier?

    3. Does he need a static VPN service/account or....?

    4. how dp you hide your IP and still fast FTP/upload all the site files? Doesn't VPN slow everything down considerably? i.e. How do you set up anonymous untraceable IP w/ FAST uploading speeds -- that IP can change; does not have to be static, right? He has fast DSL but I read that vpn is something like 25% slower? Or is there VPN (or similar) that masks IP but still has fast file uploading to a webserver?

    Or is there something elese for anon IP w/ fast ftp uploading/downloading?

    I see terms like ipSec, SSH Tunneling, SFTP and such and I'm not sure if this is related. Sorry if this is confusing. I am confused, I said I would help but I am not a coder or programmer or very technically knowledgeable and he is less geeky than me so I know I will have to figure it out.

    Again he wants to make sure this IP is not his own and must be CAN (or AU or UK or ?) and not traceable back to him -- I know that's not 100% sure but if they don't save logs.....again, it's just for adult stuff he wants to start so he's not identifiable to his IP or webhosting company or paypal, etc in case the nosy nellies in his family or even his ISP, or others start snooping.)

    Any expert advice most welcome and appreciated. thanks for your time
    really appreciate any help ASAP. I admit, if he makes a go of it I might give that a try myself. :)

    Thanks for your time.
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