how to have a merrier xmas on tumblr?

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    so i have a xmas blog on tumblr, getting 1000 visitors a day, and NOBODY would click an ad? i am running out of idea on what to change...

    1, i put an ipad email submit, text ad, not to mention submit, not even an impression. changed it to 250x250 gif, still no click.
    2, 336 adsense square image to the right of image posts, no click. changed to text only, no click.
    3, reduced size to 250 square, no click.
    4, matching back ground color, same fonts to blog's, no click.
    5, xmas green color background, no click.
    6, aligned to texts, close to texts (small margins), no click.

    i can try to move ad to the left side, would that help? use 728 leaderboard? 600 tower would look too big? or smaller link units?

    somebody share some experience? tips?