How to handle CPA networks that ask for traffic stats

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    So, I applied for a CPA network and they asked for my traffic stats. After that, they declined stating I didn't have enough monthly traffic. So, I found a work around. I was able to turn 1 pageview into 500 per visit. All you need to do is add a Java loop to your Big-G Analytics code.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var i=0;
    if (i=0;i=>1000;i++) {
    Analytics code
    Basically, this runs the tracking code 1000 times. Usually, you'll get 200-500 pageviews per one visit.

    Next step, go to FuseURL (dot) com

    Enter your website's URL into the box about 5 times, enter the captcha, and copy the link of the lower box where it shows all pages at once.

    Next go to Nicesharing (dot) com. This website will combine to URL's into one. Enter the FuseURL into the top box and change the with to 0 (zero) without a percentage sign.

    For the bottom link, I'll have to jump to another topic, then back. Basically, you're going to advertise a cell phone for sale on CL (because those get the highest traffic). Now, depending on what type of phone you're going to advertise, go to PhotoBucket and search for that phone. Don't pick a stock photo, click on one that looks like an actual home photo. Then, copy the URL of the page and paste that in the bottom box on Nicesharing and made the width 100%. Then, click create link. A new window will open with the PhotoBucket page and your website loaded in the background where the visitor can't see it. Copy the URL.

    When typing up your CL ad, don't overdo it. Just say something like "I switched carriers and they don't have this phone." or something believable like that. Then, at the end of your ad, add this

    <html><a href="Your Nice Sharing link">The actual Photobucket link</a>
    Now, the person looking at the ad will see a link to PhotoBucket which is legit. When they open the link, you should get a couple thousand pageviews for your site.

    As far as this goes for CPA networks, when they ask your for a copy of your traffic report, go to Big-G Analytics for your site and view report. On the side of the page click "Visitors", then "Visitor Trending", then "Pageviews". Above the graph, there is a drop down menu that says "Export". Click that and export to PDF. Then send that to the CPA network that's asking.

    With this method, I went from 20,000 pageviews per month to over 2 million per month and this got me accepted into multiple CPA networks. Hopefully, you have the same luck.