How to grow fast or get more views on YouTube?

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    Alright, title pretty much says it all but I wanted to share a few things I've been doing at attempting to grow my YouTube channel. I posted my first video about 5 days ago and I sent it across my friends on Steam(Gaming Platform) and asked my cousin to do the same thing, that video got about 55 views and 5 likes. I posted another video 3 days after and it only pulled in 3 views and 1 like(This is with me not sending it on Steam again because I didn't want to seem like a spammer) After I noticed that the video wasn't doing well I began looking into getting twitter followers because that'll be my main source of traffic in my niche. Here's how I'm looking at it from that perspective. My niche has to do with gaming, comedy gaming, my content is supposed to make people laugh and have a good time watching it. So, back to the twitter route, I have my main account so I went to another twitter account with similar content and began following their followers with a bot, my conversion rate is very low. I saw that I wasn't doing very good with twitter on my own so I began to search YouTube videos on how to grow my twitter follower count and someone suggested buying twitter followers(around 2.5k or so) This would build Authority and Trust so people would be more likely to follow me compared to where I'm sitting at currently which is 35 followers. If there's anymore questions or suggestions you have, ask anything. My keywords that I've used are at the bottom and so is the thumbnail I personally made for my most recent video. I'm currently not too concerned about the revenue as I am about getting my channel out there, I'd like to get some traffic to my videos and start pulling in some views and subscribers.

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    I would suggest using more tags. The more tags you use, the more searches your video will appear in. I also would suggest a clickbait title. I don't think buying twitter followers would be worth it as your account would not be receiving any engagement from botted followers. This will make your account not look very legit. I would suggest posting your link in steam groups and on reddit. I would suggest buying high quality youtube views. I would just buy a small amount so the youtube algo would boost your video. If you need any more help, just let me know!
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    Yeah twitter is a good source to gain genuine subscribers and it can help you in gaining initial views to your videos easily, If you are able to bring in lot of real subscribers.
    Yeah you can purchase some subscribers as that will make you appear like an influential user and other users will not think before hitting the follow button. Other than that I can also suggest you to do some giveaways spend some bucks get some cheap but not to pricey skins and do giveaways or you can also fake them. That can bring in good amount of followers if done right. Find some groups that are around the topic and be a active member over them to gain trust so that you can push in your links easily. Reddit is also very appealing for CSGO you can utilize that. Keep an eye on our competitor channels and look what tags they are into I am pretty sure you will be following chaboyyhd he is quite popular in that niche(I watch his videos :p)

    Feel free to pass me your video I can let you know my thoughts on the content too.