How To Get Yelp Reviews to Stay

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    For Local SEO, Yelp is a very powerful tool to not only show up on Google but I noticed it can also improve the rankings of Google Business Listings. It seems like having an active Yelp page can validate the Google Business Listing and increase rankings for the map section.

    The question I have is, does anyone know how to get Yelp reviews to stay and not get filtered automatically? Also, is there a way to generate reviews for client websites? The trouble I have is I tell clients how important it is to get reviews but they don't follow through and actually get them.
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    I know how to get yelp reviews to stay, theres a lot of factors. I will run down the main ones. The first is the account must be aged, 6 months to a year minimum. Second account history must make sense and not bounce around 10 states or countries. Lastly, it helps a lot to have friends on the yelp account that are real and active.

    I successfully restored businesses from 1 stars to as high as 5 stars and the reviews stuck. In the beginning yelps automated system will juggle reviews to see which ones get the most attention. Leave interactions such as votes for useful reviews and votes that reviews are funny all key componenets that will increase your review to stick. I can go on and on from my years with yelp but I rather provide you with my yelp review service.

    Add me on skype if your interested in yelp reviews that stick! I am a vetern yelp reviewer with a network of accounts ready. My skype ID is savvyonlinemarketing
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