how to get very safe, white hat links?

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    I have a friend who made a website a few years ago. He has been building very safe links to it, like yahoo directory, citysearch, yellowpages. although these type of links sound lame, the site is actually doing surprisingly ok in the serps. Now he wants to do better in the serps and he asked me to do very white hat, safe seo.

    what are some safe links that I can give him?

    and please, let's not start arguing about the definition of "white hat" and "safe". yeah I know there is no such thing as "white hat seo" unless you wait around and hope other people link to you. yeah I know nothing is 100% safe. I am just looking for things that "usually, most of the time" dont get a site penalized.
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    Get him links from:

    That would result in skyrocketing serps.

    But, that costs a lot, and I do mean, a lot.

    You could create web 2.0 properties, focus on social media signals, create blogs on wordpress, tumblr that link to your site.

    The trick doesn't lay in the resource you use (if it's free). The trick is not to overdo the inbound links from a certain resource, not to use exact match anchors in these resources (unless it's a small percentage).

    - use mostly brand and general anchors.
    - don't create masses of backlinks in a short time span (steady and slow wins the game)
    - don't overdo links from a certain source.
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    The best way to land links from some of those extremely popular websites is to put your content in front of the editors and authors for relevant articles. A lot of times those guys troll sites like Reddit looking for content and they usually have social media profiles. If you're smart about it, you can tailor some content on the website to their interests and have them include you as a valuable source for their publication.
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