How to get twitter followers easy & and make a little money.

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm still kind of new here, and I see people paying for 1000 twitter followers that aren't niche specific. I did a search and didn't see this method posted anywhere, but here is a super easy way to get followers (This would be easier to post if I could use url's) and make a little money.

    This is the method:
    1. Go to G00gle and type in Tweepml and it's an ORGanization if you know what I mean. Click it and go to the main page.

    2. Go to the right where it says, "Find a TweepML List".

    3. Type in "Follow Back". These are lists of people who will follow you back. Your plan should be to use everyone of these follow back lists.

    There is a limit of about 1000 people per day.

    Just know that everybody doesn?t follow right after you follow them so it might take some time. You can easily get up to 1k followers per day with this method - at first. Then it slows down when you have no new lists to join. This site can also be used for specific niches!! (Hopefully your brain is going a mile a minute at this point).

    Every few days delete the people that are not following you back (this gives them a few days to react, before you delete them). And then Rinse & Repeat! It's important to keep a close follower / following ratio. The other good part is, as people join these lists, then they will be following you automatically and you will be getting followers in your sleep. It starts to exponentially increase.

    Set up about 5 of these with 30 Followback lists, and start shooting over CPA lead stuff using an Auto tweet service and you are golden. It's at least good for almost $20 a day - $600 per month. Although now I'm down to about $11 daily as of late.

    That's all I got. :)
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    2 shorter ways
    use after the domainname ctrl+shift + ENTER
    or after tweepGEN ctrl + ENTER

    a 250 exerpt list out of 4 lists
    → /f4f

    i expect 180+ out of this 250 list ↓
    → /ifb

    more list
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