How to Get Traffic with Google Alerts!

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    Michael Campbell calls this the, "Google Blog Alert" method.

    Says Michael;

    It's absolutely the fastest way to get risk free traffic and start generating affiliate revenue within hours. It's totally white hat. It's moral, ethical and profitable all at the same time.

    It doesn't take a lot of time either.

    You might get 5-10 alerts per day. And it doesn't take long - maybe 30 minutes - to read the blogs, make thoughtful comments on them, and then social bookmark them.

    In my tests, I can ramp up to 400 visitors per day in less than a month, working only 20 minutes per day.

    Your results will be different, but you'll probably notice that the traffic starts snowballing - especially from the social bookmarking sites - around the third week.

    Get out there. Jump in and comment. Bookmark their blogs. Then post snippets of all the activity and stories on your own blog.

    It will seem like you're everywhere. Fully in the know. And they won't have a clue - thanks to your little secret - how you?re doing it. You'll be like superman, wonder woman, or your hero of choice.

    Leave useful yet incomplete comments on their blogs, so they need to visit your blog for the full story. They arrive at your site looking for solutions to their problems.

    You'll be ready and waiting for them with news, articles, comparisons, how-tos, videos, and plenty of affiliate links. If anyone so much as breathes about your niche, you're on top of it. You'll have posted about it while the buzz is fresh, lively and hot.

    They won't have a clue how you're doing it. But they start turning to you like crazy, as the source for everything in that niche.

    Your own blog is where you can start the soft selling process. You can link to affiliate programs from your posts.

    Hint: The most effective strategy is to put a hypertext link in context with the content as you're talking about it.

    Then if you need a sales page to do some heavy lifting, link off your blog to your static pages. Sell them on reading your product comparisons, or how your affiliate solution can solve their problems.
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    this thread is damned old, but there are a few words that are my missing link. I also did g00gle alerts to make useful backlink comments, but I forgot to bookmark their posts. this is great stuff. thx and rep+ given.

    greetings from the future :D

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    I own the domain, i would like to sign up for their affiliate program
    can someone point me on the right direction?