How To Get Traffic To My New Services Website

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    Hi there,

    Sorry I wasn't sure where to put this post.

    I have a new website selling a service. It will take a while for organic traffic to kick in and I am wondering about various methods I can use to get traffic.

    After doing some searching I see different techniques but most of them are for affiliate or adsense blogs.

    For a services website I am not sure if it is different or not really?

    I am thinking of banner ads on some sites where they would be interested in my services.

    Has anyone had much luck with these?

    I would like to use Facebook ads also as they are cheaper than adwords (high CPC) but not sure what offer I could make to entice them to click the ad as it is pretty much a service you either need or don't need.

    All help appreciated.

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    Pen testing
    Best method to get traffic :

    1) Pray to God. (this has worked for me everytime)

    2) Approach businesses using their facebook pages.

    3) Approach businesses personally.

    4) Purchase banner space on a related forum.

    5) SEO.
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    Find sites that you want to get links from and then custom write articles for each site and send them to the editors. Include your link in the "credits" at the bottom of the article, of course. Also try buying traffic from sites like SEOclerks.
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