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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by hipromet, Dec 31, 2011.

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    I know BHW has lots of traffic experts. Need some guide and help to get traffic to my websites.

    I have more than hundred domains. Most of them are about 3 -4 years old. Recently I recreated these domains. The goal is to make some good adsense income, maybe some affiliate incomes.

    Sites are up and running. Indexing is fine with most domains. However, I have problems to see traffic.

    1. What's better way to get traffic?
    2. What's best ways to increase alexa ranking with good traffic fast?

    Appreciate your advice.

  2. poweronics

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    May 1, 2011
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    You can buy traffic or you can do some forum posting and articles submission for that.
    Links building will improve your ranks.
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    Easiest way is to buy a lot of traffic but it takes a lot of work to do it right.
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    Dec 25, 2011
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    It really depends what you mean when you ask "the base way to get traffic?"...I personally feel like you're asking the WRONG question.

    I think questions such as :

    Where can I get targeted traffic for each of my niche websites?
    Is it worth investing into SEO to get free organic traffic from ranking in Google?
    Which paid for traffic would be best for X niche?


    My personal opinion would be to go for rankings in Google and also try to get free traffic from YouTube :)!

    Wish you all the best!
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    Hmm.. You ask a question that isn't easy to answer in short.
    The best way to get quality traffic is to learn possibilities or ways to get traffic to your site, select out three or four techniques and master them. It requires a lot of work and good concentration and consistence.
    Although, it's not so hard as it may seem. I can suggest some basic ways to start with.
    1. Content. You said you have many sites, so this may be one of most time-consuming task. Check out the content to be relevant, unique and quality. It's good if you can create and add new content regularly.
    2. On-page SEO. One guy in Google support forums answered smth like that: "Stay off of trolls who say that SEO bumps your site for traffic". I partially agree, SEO isn't some magic wand what brings your site to top10 overnight, although it is necessary to rank at all. SEO is something whats effect can be noticed in some time. Done right, it has very good positive effect for organic traffic.
    3. Article and/or video marketing. I personally strongly suggest to use article marketing for sure. It's not that hard if you already have some content. Just take it and spin it to be unique (30-40% different than original- my personal guess that 50%+ would be more sure). Add it to article directories like ezine, goarticles, articlesbas, ideamarketers... search them yourself and stick with those you find comfortable. You build good amount of backlinks if you add your link to these articles and also- if content is good and readable- real humans to straightly read your site.
    4. Web2.0- This is thing I cannot explain very clearly, but shorthand- Squidoo, Digg, Reddit, twitter and tons of more 2.0 websites wait you to bookmark your site. Also, two sides of coin- google likes you more and you attract people straightly on your site.

    Maybe this will help a bit. I wanted to share one site where are couple things explained more clearly, but I can't at this point, so let that be... Good luck to you anyways :)

    Cheers and strength to carry on hard work! It will pay off one day. Hope that's soon :)
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    You can purchase traffic and in the mean while you can built some high PR backlinks to your site that will get you some traffic and once your site gets traffic your alexa rank will be increased