How to get rid of reddit IP/shadowban


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May 8, 2022
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I tried using reddit for a while now but I got my first account shadowban, I created another account and got banned,
Currently any new account I create, it gets shadow banned and can't create community/subreddit, maybe an IP ban this time.

Do you think buying reddit account rather than creating new acc could help?
Both new and aged would work (although the aged ones could endure more) if you use them on clean devices and IP's that were not used previously with flagged accounts.

Basically, you either need a new device and broadband/mobile IP to create/login, or, use and anti-detect browser and a mobile 4g proxy for that. There are a few providers in the BHW marketplace for the later.
Buy an aged account and use it but you need to use vpn though just to check if you are ipban
Have you appealed the shadow ban?
Buy an aged account and use it but you need to use vpn though just to check if you are ipban
vad idea putting a vpn on a new account, more likely to
get your account banned .
Maybe you're becoming active too soon with the new account. Let it rest a little bit. As long as you use a good proxy there's no reason to be shadowbanned, unless your activity is just straight up against the TOS and people notice it and report you.
Could use some help with this.

I have multiple accounts that are working fine from my home desktop and phone using my regular ISP IP address.

I made a new Reddit account from a public library computer. Purchased a new tablet that would be used only with that account. I activated NordVPN on the tablet. Made a few posts in a popular "ask reddit" sub. Made a post on one subreddit I moderate and everything went fine.

Just made a post on another subreddit I moderate and poof - shadowbanned. Can't see the new account from my other devices.

Is it NordVPN fucking me up?
Yes. And reddit is way more strict, these accs must he used from same ips
Proxy services are used for such tasks.

You can find many suppliers on the forum, in the corresponding section.
Most likely, if you buy an account and continue to use the same IP or device to login, it will get shadow banned again. Get a new device or use a reliable proxy.
Use an anti detect browser and residential or mobile proxies to create accounts
Use just 1 account per 1 IP

Try to use proxies and you won't get ban
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