how to get quickly out of filtration ?

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    Jun 16, 2013
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    Hi had a nice website with 4 keywords ranking all on the first page.I started to advertise on adwords using a new domain and a copy of that website.After 3-4 days my keywords disappeared when using local IP's.When checking the ranking via tools there is some weired staff like only 1 of 4 in top 100 or all 4 in top 20 after 10 minutes in the 80's range then again only 2 keywords are found etc and the changes are all between 10 minutes but when checking the claimed ranking manually with my local ip i can't find them.

    So i guess i got filtration by google because of double content.I instantly stopped adwords and deleted the content on the website.

    Ony tricks or suggestions how i can get quickly out of the filtration ?
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