How To Get Powerful Backlinks From Profile Pages

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    When you setup a profile page most of them ask you to enter a user name. The majority of these sites include the username in the url of your profile page. Having your keyword within the url can add quite a bit of weight to your page and can help with your rankings. You need to be careful with this as it can be classed as spamming if you just stick your keywords in the username field. Instead, add something like ?andy-article-writer?, or ?john-pens?, or ?sarah-jvmarketing?. By adding your name before your keyword you are drawing less attention to your keywords from a human perspective. You also don?t need to put ALL your keywords in your username. If you have a two word keyword phrase that you are wanting to rank for then even adding one of the words to your username is better than adding none. If my targeted keyword was ?promotional pens? then I could use ?andypens? or ?andy-pens? as my user name.

    The biggest mistake people are making when they are adding their link to the BIO section is that they are only adding their links to the bio section and nothing else. Now that does look spammy. What you need to do is spend a minute or two and write a good bio that includes your links. This is a great way to NOT come across spammy and also get your keywords and related keywords in there. This is what adds relevance to the page and makes it stand out ?contextually? from all the other profile pages. It?s also good to add some ?normal? interests in their too as it makes you look like a real person. One that site owners and admin can relate to.

    What I have done above is add a theme to the profile page. You don?t need to add backlinks to relevant sites, it?s ALL about relevant pages. Google ranks pages, it doesn?t rank websites. When it leads a user to some information it doesn?t take them to a site, it takes them to a page. By adding relevant keywords and content to a page you are adding a topical theme. With this theme Google can identify what your page is about and what it is ?related? to.