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how to get people to stay on after you g'tee period

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by oscarslater, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. oscarslater

    oscarslater Regular Member

    Mar 13, 2008
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    Hi there

    I just thought i'd throw this in the mix.

    it's my take on making customers 'sticky' enough to keep those that might be thinking about a refund. Doesn't always work but does a lot of the time.

    Hope you like this and feel free to add to it.

    This is mainly for noobs (like me)

    Whatever you g'tee period is it's to keep adding value till that period is over.

    Lets say your selling an ebook or 3 week course.

    You offer your product with a g'tee period

    In the sales letter offer a bonus for signing up. fast action bonuses etc etc.

    This bonus could be something like 'the 10 biggest mistakes to avoid when XXXX (whatever your selling)'

    You should also have an unadvertised bonus that customers find out about after they sign up or buy

    and the unadvertised bonus, which you mention in the members area or with the instructions/introduction to your package states that you are working on another related great package that will probably be sold separately and this will help you even further and will be great but isn't finished. You should also add that this might actually never get released to the general public.

    You can even ask your clients to help you finish this package by surveying them.

    This unadvertised bonus could be something along the lines of 'the 5 best kept secrets about XXXX (whatever your selling) that will skyrocket your sales' should be released about 3 days before the guarantee period is due to end.

    Also when you do release this, you say that you are releasing it's about 90% finished but you will be updating it with in the next 14 days and when you do this will be the final part of the jigsaw that is missing, this then takes you clients past the guarantee period.

    The psychology behind this is that they are getting something for nothing, they are getting something more than they had paid for and they are somehow on the 'inside track' with you that most people are not likely ever to get on.

    as soon as you get past the g'tee period you start to send your clients to other offers with your personal recommendation etc etc

    there's no point in having a back end till you have a process that keeps your clients past the g'tee period.

    Also, this gives you a good downsell if your clients do leave you as you can offer them the complete package for just X% of the original price when you have the bonuses finished.

    A lot of people do see value in what you have sold them but this value can diminish very quickly after they have bought so you need to keep adding value for a period.

    That's why you are getting courses lasting 3 and 4 weeks with weekly tele-seminars (that are usually delayed for a few days because of a hick-up that couldn't be avoided - yeah right!!)

    When you actually get good at this you can then start the complete process again but this time you tell you clients that you are starting an 'inner circle' and need them to help you put this inner circle together AND that it's only people who are existing clients who can get in.

    Now just remember that none of this works if your product is crap.

    Hope this helps someone out

    all the best

  2. mak111

    mak111 Junior Member

    May 6, 2008
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    informative post man! too bad i dont sell anything, haha dont have anything good to offer...but hey, that shouldnt stop me! i can always be a "guru" :)