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How to get paid...

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by jakeumms, May 30, 2009.

  1. jakeumms

    jakeumms Regular Member

    Dec 1, 2008
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    Student, Scholar, Money Machine...
    Inside of your mom's TomTom.
    So I created a product, and I made it free except in order to download the product you have to complete an offer through CodeBreaker.
    There are like 5 free downloads, each one locked. So I'll probably have to set up different offers for each gateway. With 3 offers for each gateway, I'll need 15 seperate offers probably so there are no overlaps right? *THEY ARE NOT IFRAMED, PEOPLE SEE THE OFFERS AND KNOW THEY ARE DOING THEM. SO I MEAN, I GUESS SOME WILL CONVERT*

    Now first I was just going to user an incentivized offer from Neverblue and not worry about faking or do fake but since it's incentivized its not a big deal, but I have no idea how they even convert (I tested it and nothing happened...) so i'll make no money even if people complete like the first two pages, which is what they'll do untill they leave and no money for me.

    Than I was like fuck it, I'll just do normal offers and fake the shit.

    Now I have a few problems so hopefully someone experienced with CodeBreaker/faking the referrer can help a brotha out.

    Basically I am going to get around 5,000 people to download 3-5 different products. Each product has a gateway.

    Now I know CodeBreaker is usually set to have 3 different offers, but I am wondering with this many leads, how are my going to spread out the money?

    I mean basically, it should be about 15,000 total leads. And the leads will happen in about a 1-4 day period so it's really a lot. I am only signed up for three CPA companies, neverblue, motive, and Copeac.


    1. How do I fake this many offers. Is blogspot okay? How do you fake with it? Or what... Maybe I should hoke up one of my domains with wordpress and have 1 site with pages dedicated to each offer (faking the referrer through that plugin). Or should I have multiple domains.


    I really really don't wanna get banned after all my hard work because this is pretty much a one time thing.​
  2. thaorius

    thaorius Junior Member

    Aug 19, 2008
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    Well, I would pick not 3, but, say, 30 or 40 offers per download, but only show 3 on the gateway(randomly), in such a way each offer gets smaller amount of leads, there for minimizing your chances of getting bad attention from the advertisers.

    If the networks says anything about your activity, I would say something among the lines of "It was a test with a new traffic source, but I need you to pay me to repeat it.", in such a way they might want to pay you sooner than usual, minimizing your chances of getting banned and makes you look like you invested all your usable money on that and it worked.

    I would however try it on more networks.
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  3. Grandslam

    Grandslam Senior Member

    Apr 23, 2009
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    Alright, correct me if im wrong, but it sounds like you have a mailing list of 5000 emails from people that have opted in to your site/s, so they are a very targeted group of individuals (or at least something of that nature).

    Now, this is a good problem to have, though im not a huge fan of one-time payoffs like this, since they have no residual income or value, but if you are going to really do this, I can reccomend one piece of advice:

    You are going to have to send this free product out to only 100-200 people at a time (could be more or less depending on the cpa payouts per lead). This will make it look a lot more natural and not as suspicious compared to 15k leads coming in in a matter of 1-4 days... this might sound like more work than doing it all at once (which it is), but IMO i'd rather get credit for all of my leads over a longer period of time like 3-5 weeks than to try to get them all in under 5 days and instead get banned and get ZERO for my efforts... not to mention if you dont get banned, your leads will probably get scrubbed like a bitch.

    Hope this helps somehow.


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