How to get out of the Sandbox ? What is the best method ?


Jul 16, 2008
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Hello everybody,

I am running into a problem that we all share in common. I spend my days building Grey Hat websites. After a few hours of work, my web pages are getting indexed and visitors are coming. The traffic is rising at a good speed. After a few days or sometimes a few weeks, when my sites are starting to get a decent revenue, Google from out of the blue, de-list my sites.

I tried to investigate this problem with no success. I don't understand what is wrong with my sites. They are not messy crapy BH sites. I am using Wordpress with some nice looking templates. The content is not duplicated. I am not using any kind of crazy techniques like Cookie Stuffing, Pop Up, etc... My sites really look like personal blogs.

The only thing, I see, is if a website traffic rises too quickly (+50-100 visits per day) (when the site is only a few days old), it will get sandboxed very fast. Are you seeing the same thing ? Any ideas about what makes my sites get sandboxed are welcome.

Let's start a poll with this thread. What is the average life time of your websites and what are they ?

Starting with me, I build Wordpress Automated Sites with unique Scrapping Content and the average life time for my sites is 12 days.

What is yours ? And do you have solutions to get out of the Sandbox ? What methods are you using ? Does XRumer (or other tools) be useful ? What do you do with your sandboxed websites ?
im sorry i can not help further as my experence leve is not up to par with yours

but reading what you wrote it got me thinking ... why not make a site and let it sit for a few weeks then submit it and let it start gaining traffic slowly ... that way you can rule out the traffic raising to quickly as an excuse ... however i dont think thats whats wrong

good luck
its the google dance your site should come back after a while - i have experienced this many times, i have pushed about 30 sites out over the month and all got placed high initially, a lot disappeared and then came back after a couple of days, majority still on page one for given key terms...
Google is really shaking things up and down and around right now. Sometimes your site can disappear and come back within a few days, other times it takes months. It just depends on how competitive your keywords are, how often you post, out linking, etc.

There are tons of different factors that can go into it. The one main thing that happens is when a site is sandboxed, some people say set it aside and go back to it later. This, in my opinion, is a huge mistake. If you are using the blog/site as an "average joe" site, Joe doesn't know anything about SEO or the Google sandbox. Keep posting even while it disappears from the serp's. This will help get it out faster as G will see it as a legit site with "real" content.
Yeah, google doesn't give a shit about anything anymore...if they THINK you're doing something wrong, BAM, sandcastles for you!!...

Anyways, Just keep posting stuff on the site anyways, and write google asking for an explanation..

just my 2cents
I think post everyday .it Main factor to get you better rank again
If you build too many links to fast, that can kick you to the kitty box :(
ignore the sandbox. just keep posting and linking and it will come back. the sandbox is just their way of seeing who is serious or not...
in the future, if you are using a brand new domain, break them in before putting up your sites. do a 301 redirect to one of the established sites, fire a lot of backlinks at it for about a week and stop. let it sit for another week or so and put up your site. this works great on blog farms with 1000s of pages.... at least for me:)
in the future, if you are using a brand new domain, break them in before putting up your sites. do a 301 redirect to one of the established sites, fire a lot of backlinks at it for about a week and stop. let it sit for another week or so and put up your site. this works great on blog farms with 1000s of pages.... at least for me:)

1) How long would you suggest doing the 301 redirect for before switching?
2) Would you suggest the redirect be to one of your less popular sites, not necessarily in the same niche, or have the domain redirect be to someone elses site with in the same niche but your just getting the backlinks to the specific domain.
I always wanted to know if sand boxing only happens to new domains, or to new pages to an established site?

I've got a domain that's been around for years, but I've recently reworked the site to be focused on a completely different topic. The index has been completely retooled and I'll be promoting the hell out of it soon and should be doubling my traffic. Should I have any worries?
Incoming relevant links, added in a natural way, that is a few per period, is the way to go, but every keyword is different. Age of domain, of website, of keyword and its competitiveness and other factors count a lot, so there isn't a definite answer.

But I would keep those links getting spread out the net, just reasonably...
If you don't want to get sandbox, just create link back by using verity link text.
Normally, I will use more than 20 versions, such as,

My target: Bangkok Hotels

I will use.
Cheap bangkok hotels
Discout bangkok hotels
cheapest bangkok hotels
hotels in bangkok
cheap hotels in bangkok
and so no that is related with bangkok hotels

So, you can get good ranking from long tail keyword and then "Bangkok Hotels"
if google is dancing, you can do nothing
but if you want to know about the sandbox - start building websites with buying old domain names. the older the better. no sandbox for them
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hey man, well this may have been said above.....but i don't think anyone really knows, it's just sandboxed one day and back the next.............NOW i do have sites that seemed to have never gotten sand boxed, i did this by NOT monetizing my sites for about 3-4 months.....let the big G see you getting organic traffic, none of my sites without monetizing have been sandboxed, just the ones i make money from sooooooooo get your traffic up (as long as it's organic of course) and if it's organic it will be there forever (so to speak) then eventually once the sites been doing well for a few months hit it with whatever method of monetizing you like................i know this method may suck because you want to see $$$$$ right away for your work, but it works pretty good for me......
Google keeps the details pretty tight, so we can only guess. The best advice is to think how a site would look and act in terms of links and traffic, if it was growing organically.
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