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    Hey Guys,

    Been a member for a few months, try to utilize as much as I can learn on here... etc. etc.

    Getting onto the first page of a niche "FIND PEOPLE" search is huge. You'll get 100 followers/day easy. There are just a few steps you have to take.

    1st - Get a lot of followers. This is pretty easy to do w/ Karma, Flash, and Hummingbird. Look into the keywords you want, see how many followers the people in that niche have and that's your target. For the first few thousand it's irrelevant whether they're bots or not, you just need the followers. This also makes your profile look legit (more on this later).

    2nd - Keywords. The keywords you want should both be in your URL and in your actual name. So if you're shilling iPods, your url should be something like twitter.c0m/AppleIpodNews and your "name" should be Apple Ipod or something similar. In addition to this, make sure you have keyword rich text in your bio. Twitter is not terribly advanced so feel free to stuff, but don't make it terribly obvious or you get banned. Use complete sentences. Small note: Be smart when picking your name. It takes twitter about two weeks to re-index you if you change your name.

    3rd - Postings. Make legit postings that look like they're from a human, not a bot. RT other people in your niche. Do #FFs and add hashtags to your posts. Interact with people. Comment on their tweets. You should tweet 20-30 Xs a day (at least) to build your tweets. You'll need at least 300ish tweets (min.) to get on that first page

    4th - Legit profile. The link in your profile should go to something personalized, not directly to a CPA or other $ maker. This increases your legitimacy, and also keeps you from getting the ban hammer. A piece of advice I picked up from BHW - make a unique B.G. This adds to your legitamacy which helps you gain followers (see 1st) Also, your avatar: Hot girls are okay but tweeters are aware of our marketing techniques now, and have become accustomed to it and just don't follow. A good thumbnail is vital, and an image with a lot going on is confusing and hard to see. Make it something simple and interesting, not something complicated or meaningful to you, but no one else. A widely recognized simble is my go to. Your postings, RTs and interaction also help make your profile more legit.

    5th - Get the top people in your niche search to follow you. This increases your followers dramatically, and also increases your ranking. RT them, tweet about how awesome they are, etc.

    6th - Create a new profile for each keyword. If you have 10 different keyword searches you want to target, make a new profile for each keyword. This way you're concentrated on each keyword and don't break up a profile into many different keywords, none of which get you on that first page.

    That's all I have for now - hope it helps - and would love to hear people's suggestions on how to improve my techniques.
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    That is good, I am a newbie to twitter. Untill today i got 1000 followers. But i am still confused how twitter can attract more traffic to my site.
    I found all the tips in your post is about find the right nitch, and avoid spam hammer. That is great i should learn more and put more weight to refine my twitter profile other than just add more followers.

    Thanks a lot.