How to get more buyers for article writing fiverr gig?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Bottledwater, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Apr 2, 2013
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    I made a fiverr gig long ago offering to write articles for 5$, quickly went to level 1 seller on there with 100% customer satisfaction but then i had to focus more on uni and stopped working on it. I want to get back into money making and wanted to know how i can advertise the gig so that i can get some buyers again.

    Thanks for any inputs,
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    Your best bet is to go to all of high-ranked content sellers and message those that have ordered and left feedback on their gigs. Just tell them you saw they were in the market for good content and that you can provide it in some way, shape or form better than the other seller.

    You can also run some PPC ads that link to your gigs; I've heard of some people really jacking up sales through low bids.

    Make sure the description of your service is SEO optimized and get a small social bookmarking package done on your gig. Get it some backlinks too...Fiverr gigs can show up in organic searches, so in some ways you should treat the gig like its own site.

    Finally, recently I've had success making "Collections" of gigs related to mine (only the best though and not direct competitors) and throwing one or two of my gigs onto them. Just make sure you also write the description with SEO in-mind and try to use common but relevant tags in that field.

    Good luck!