How to Get Keyword CTR of 15-30%

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    I am trying to transition all of my traffic to SEO (mostly because I hate paying for traffic). I've been using this forum every day learning about SEO so I want to show my thanks by sharing all of my AdWords tips for everyone here so they can get started off on the right path towards making a profit on AdWords.

    As far as experience goes, I've been advertising on AdWords since 2004, was a Level 9 contributor on the Google AdWords forum, was a private AdWords consultant (didn't do any work, just answered questions) for a large internet marketing company for 4 years, personally owned 40 adwords accounts for my own use which combined have received over 3 Billion impressions and 14 million visitors, and a few other things that I don't want to mention. I'm not sharing this to seem braggy, I just don't want to waste time dealing with people saying that I'm wrong and not giving this stuff credit because of my low post count in this forum.

    I'm not going to post in this thread every day, but I will post in it when I have the time.

    How to Get A Keyword CTR of 15-30%
    It's possible to get really high CTRs in your AdWords accont. I've personally had accounts that have received CTRs of 25%-35% using these techniques, and no this wasn't after one click, instead it was an average of a week's worth of clicks totaling around 100-200 clicks for the particular keywords.

    Step 1) Stop Your Ads from Displaying At Bad Times
    This technique will save you money and will increase your CTR, which will improve your quality score among other things (such as increasing your accounts performance history).

    A majority of people are promoting products that do not receive steady sales throughout the day. I usually sold digital products (which can be sold at anytime during the day) and even I found times of the day and days of the week which it was unnecessary to display ads. If you, or your client, are selling a local service (such as oil changes, flower delivery, etc.) you do not need to have your ads displayed during the days/hours of the week that the business is closed.

    For other people who think that you need to have your ads running 24/7, I guarantee you will change your mind. Take a look at your CTR logs for each hour of the day for the past 90 days. You will see certain times of the day that your CTR is well below average. Now look at your ROI for those times of the day as well. You will probably notice that you CTR and your ROI are both down. In fact, you will probably see that you are not even making a profit during those hours. So, these are the hours you do not want your ads to be displayed during.

    To turn off your ads during these time periods, simply go to your campaign settings and set your ad scheduling options to display your ads during the hours you feel are the most profitable.

    Step 2) Preventing Your Ads from Displaying in the Wrong Locations
    First off, never ever set your campaigns to display your ads word wide. At most you will want each campaign to target one country at a time. I'll post more about this later.

    Same as above, the chances are that you are displaying your ads in more places than you need to. In AdWords you can not only specify the country or state/territory that you want your ads displayed in, but you can also specify the city as well.

    Now if you are promoting a local service, then this will not change much of your performance, but if you were like me and promoted digital products, then this will be a huge benefit.

    First off, go to your account and run reports for each territory/state your ads are being displayed in. If you are advertising in the USA there are 50 states, and I know for a fact that many of those states are costing you money and performance. So look at the CTR and the ROI for each state/territory and mark the ones that are losing money and are not performing well. If they are losing money, then simply stop displaying your ads in that territory/state within adwords. If they are making money, but have a low CTR, you do not want to stop advertising in that state/territory. Instead, look at the city level report for that state/territory and determine which specific cities are costing you money and/or CTR. Then make a list of those locations and prevent your campaign from display ads in those areas.

    I have many more tips, but the only thing I do not have in surplus is time. So I will post here again and will answer as many questions as possible the next time I have some free time (hopefully in a day or two).
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