How to get hot uniqe videos for free and profit

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    The following applies more toward adult marketing, but is still effective with CPAs and general site promotion. You're going to get a cam model to create a unique video for you and then you show it to other people with your offer/site/etc. pasted on top of the video. Note, a webcam is not needed for this to work.

    1. Get hot content
    Go to any cam site that has an option for pay for a private show. Create an account with a naughty name. Find an attractive girl without many viewers. One way to find them is to browse the cam site and go past the 5th page. Say hi, ask how shes doing, then tell her you're not really in the mood for anything. Ask if she'll do a striptease for you, and tell her that you'll pay for a private show if she does a good job turning you on. 9/10 times she'll do it, but she has to be lacking in viewers. Just look over at the chat browser to see if there's any activity. When she says yes, turn on your favorite screen recorder.
    camstudio  org/
    When she's done, just turn it off, (wipe yourself off if applicable), leave the room and move on to another girl.

    2. Editing
    Once you have about 5-10 videos, use your video editing software like Windows Movie Maker. If you need an editor skim this page:
    desktop-video-guide   com/top-5-free-video-editing-software-review.html
    If you need the video in other formats use this:
    any-video-converter  com/products/for_video_free/
    The free version will work just fine.

    Go to your paint or draw tool and create an image or two promoting your product. At the beginning, in between clips, and at the end, play your image for a few seconds. Save the movie project just in case you forget something and need to come back to it. Save the video file in avi, mpeg, wmv, or mpg format.

    Note: if your videos contains nudity(ie. nipples, vagina, etc.) you should cover it up. If you can't do it in your editor keep reading.

    3. PrePromotion Setup
    Download ManyCam. It's free and can spoof your webcam.
    download.cnet   com/ManyCam-Virtual-Webcam/3000-2348_4-10593500.html?tag=mncol
    Install and run the software. In the Effects tab, on the left side, click the green button labeled "Text over video." Under the video screen untick "Show ManyCam com Logo" because you don't want people knowing that your faking the feed.

    Click the Sources tab and click "Movies" on the left. Under the video screen click the open icon. It looks like the eject symbol found on a lot of CD drives. Open your movie.

    If you couldn't remove any nudity, then click the Effects tab and click "Objects" on the left. Place something over the video that will cover up the inappropriate content.

    4. Promotion
    Get accounts at video streaming sites such as justin tv, ustream, etc. A G search will give you a very large list of sites. Don't ask which ones I use ;)

    Start streaming and setup your video source to be ManyCam. For example on justin, don't broadcast. Click the gear icon and click Setup Video. Select from the dropdown menu. ManyCam should be listed. It doesn't have to be playing. Once you are broadcasting though, click the Sources tab on the software, and click "Movies" on the left. Click play.

    You should also create Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts dedicated to this project and link/upload the videos.

    To get views to your streaming cams, make comments on other people's streams, and get fresh content every 1-2 weeks. Post a public release date on the streaming site for the fresh content. It will get the views and will also help you because you set a goal. Goals are always important to set, but a lot of people have a problem with this, so try your hardest to post it.

    I've left plenty of room for your imagination so remember to twist it up.
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    Thank you this is very interesting and I will surely try it !
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    thx! i will try that also ;]
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    These are some really nice and naughty techniques to get hot content. :p