How to get high grade on Yslow

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    Speed is an important factor of ranking, so I searched a lot of methods on Google and spend lots of time to speed up my blog, but I failed so I need some help.

    Now my score is 91 on PageSpeed, it's OK, but I don't know why it's only 76 in inner page.

    The main problem is Yslow, I only got a 72 score, C grade, I don't know how to get A grade on Yslow.

    1. Add Expires headers F grade I have w3 cache and it set expires headers in .htaccess, I also have added some code in .htaccess, but they all didn't work.

    2. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) F grade I'm using Cloudflare.

    3. Make fewer HTTP requests F grade I'm using BWP Minify, it works on PageSpeed but doesn't work on Yslow

    4. Use cookie-free domains F grade

    5. Reduce DNS lookups F grade

    Maybe it's not easy to answer these questions, so can you recommend some good articles to really solve my problem? I searched lot of articles and followed their methods they said, but they didn't work。
    Or is there any service can help me? Hope it's not too expensive.
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