How to get Google Indexed.


Nov 5, 2009
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I have read a lot about different SEO techniques around here and there but today i want to ask a simple and strait forward question..

How could one get his page indexed in Google... There are people here who get you indexed in one day ... Can some one share how can this be done..

It would really be a great help... you can PM me if the information is not worth of sharing publicly...

use the "search" button on the upper left side of this page with tons of information about short it depends on the kind of keyword you are targeting. if you are targeting something G00GLE is already searching content about; you can get indexed in an hour if not in inutes with the minimum effort on your part like just social bookmarking to 15 sites. contrary to it, if you are targeting so much information is already there about and google is neutral about, it could take immense work from article submission to bookmarking to all other link submission activities.....quick tip: Use anchor text link whenever and whereever you drop or submit your link. if you don't know of anchor links even; i highly recommend you to go through all of the stuff available here. no offence, but all of us have done it and it's part of the business. for any specific problem, you can always ask for help.
take care
Search antx16 he has a good post about indexing and backlinks quickly.:)
Sometimes your site will get indexed right away and sometimes it will take a few weeks. It is believed and most likely true that G like blogs and prefers them over static sites and will index them faster.

You just need to get back links to your site to start the index process. Sometimes you need to get these links crawled by G's bot to speed up the process and get your site found. You can accomplish this by submitting RSS feeds and bookmarking your back link pages. You can also bookmark your RSS feeds after you submit them and ping them.

Try building links from various sources like profile pages, articles, press releases, blog comments, forums, etc...

Then ping and bookmark all of those back links as well as your site and you should have no problem getting indexed.
It is believed and most likely true that G like blogs and prefers them over static sites and will index them faster.
That's true about self hosted blogs. And wordpress pings it automatically when content is changed.
There are many ways to get indexed faster in google. I have found rss feeds get you indexed fatser. Just set up a blogger blog and post 3-4 articles there and use an anchor text text to linkback your main website. Similarly post those articles with a bit modification on blog and link then back to your blogger blog and also your main website. Now get the rss feed link of both the blogs and sumbit them here:

Secondly, write a short press release of about 300 words and link it back to your main website and submit to the follwowing websites:

The above websites are free and will help your get indexed faster. Most probably within next 24 hours or sooner. Further more social bookmark all your blogs,main website,rss feeds and press releases and see the traffic surge on your website.
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