How to get free UNLIMITED 48-Hour Xbox Live Codes!

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    So to start out, you need:
    -An Xbox
    -A computer with internet(optional)
    First you go to Console Settings and go to Language. Change your Locale settings to Japan. It should disconnect you from live.

    Then make a new account and check Live Enabled. At the Email part - Just put something simple and random
    For password: 123456

    After that put the information, then security question (Click the first bar and put the answers) Use the answer aaaaa (its fast

    Then use Sms instead of alternative email: put something random (ex: 4534534)
    Tip: the sms number doesnt have to be the same length as a normal number

    Finish the signup, decline any 1month trial offer (only some users will get them)

    On the dashboard, you will see the MH-Frontier, if not, scroll the pictures on the slider.

    Download the Triall, it will bring up the prompt, then click the red bar, and you will see two codes. The top one is the 48 hour code, and the bottom one is a japanese game.
    Here is a video that I found on youtube explaining the process:

    When I become a member on here longer, I will be able to post it up...
    Things to take into consideration:
    -If you use Horizon to get the game, you don't need to change your locale, Although its simple to change back.

    -You need an xbox live silver account to be able to do it

    -The codes are not stackable, you have to redeem them individually after each 48 hours is up.

    -You can get UNLIMITED of them, just keep redoing the process of creating silver accounts

    -If you work at it diligently, you can get 1 code every 2-3minutes ( That's 20-30 codes an hour, up to 2 months of live!)
    -I've been playing off of them for over a month now :p

    Thanks and I hope that this guide helped you!