How to get free fullversion lisence of superhide ip

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    Dec 12, 2010
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    The best way to get a free full version lisence of superhide ip
    Just follow this simple steps

    1. Write a review of Super Hide IP on your own website, blog space or column.
    2. Put the review on your index page or sub-page.
    3. Keep the sub-page link including the review on your index page at least 2 months if you put the review on a sub-page.
    4. Should Contain a link to Super Hide IP home page in the review content.
    5. Make sure your website/blog can be indexed by Google.
    After posting the content please write a mail to superhide ip in the topic 'Free Lisence' inorder to receive your full version lisence of superhide ip.

    Note: The posted content must be 400 words of your own.
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    I'm sure the wait time can be shortened quite a bit using your blog. Just write the review as you say, wait til it indexes then backdate the article up to 2 months. Will that work as well?