How to get free content for any website in any niche

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    Hi Everyone

    Just thought I would share one of my methods in getting great content for free - this works especially well if you need a quick source of info in a niche you are not familiar with.

    I highly recommend that the content you obtain is spun.

    This method does involve a little bit of work but there are tools you can use to speed things ups.


    My method is using podcasts relevant to your niche/website.

    Simply search for your keywords (in itunes for example)....check for some popular podcasts that suit your purposes.

    Download or listen to the podcast - and whilst listening to the podcast, you can type the information directly into your notepad. I am a very fast typer and can usually type out the information being played.

    Now I know that not everyone can type fast so you can use this method with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

    Again I strongly recommend that you spin the content you obtain.

    Hope this helps :)
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