How to get free $100 Facebook Coupon code?


Sep 29, 2008
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Did anyone know How to get free $100 Facebook Coupon code?

The code has been sold widely at DP & claimed get from hosting company.

I believe the code is not from Visa Bisness
Well , i believe there are a few companies that giving away free facebook voucher but i am sure, No seller buy hosting for Facebook. I had asked a Dp guys about this and his response was exactly what you said.

Sir, visa still offers the FB vouchers..

I know the backdoor trick..

But, I avoid using the vouchers because they fail to work (even in past, when they were publically available) and I lose a $7 vcc everytime..

I prefer the free vouchers given out by webhosting companies..

any idea which webhosting companies giving free $100 Facebook Coupon?
The Visa Business is now $75 Yahoo! credit as stated in a previous thread. Plus I believe you have to spend $25 to get the $75. As for webhosts, no clue.
they ppl selling at DP on this- getting unlimited coupon
GoDaddy gives them out because I have a $50 credit. Don't know why they gave it to me, though, as I have purchased multiple domains and hosting packages from them.
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