How to get FB-Account not banned?


Sep 15, 2017
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yesterddayI had a FaceBook account, today its banned. I posted in a big group and said Im a sexy girl looking for new friends =) So my Inbox got bombed and got about 3k friend requests. I accepted them all and gone sleeping.

Today waking up checking my facebook I got banned =)

What is the best way to not get fake account benned?

Please Help
Or better question "How to make a FB Profile look more realistic to facebook"
First You Posted "sexy girl looking for new friends" And You accepted 3K Friends Request :)
Ok i did not really post this i postet "Bored" "Still Bored"
I just signed up a new account and they want a picture from me after first login to verify its me
So what did you post? Make up your mind, buddy. We can't help you here if you provide false details. I think it's not just about requesting friends limit but also accepting that triggers spam review or whatever. Sorry if I can't make sense, I had sleepless night :D
"Im a sexy girl looking for new friends =) "
Maybe a facebook employ sent you a friend request but you didn't accepted because you were asleep so he banned your account, jk :D
1. You accepted friend request in bulk[Facebook algorithm detected it as a spam and marked your profile as a fake profile]
2. Facebook algorithm is very sensitive and It's normal for facebook to ask for verification, so i will suggest you whenever you plan to do this type of stuffs then buy some fake ID's or hire someone who can create one[i'm not gonna link where to buy fake id's and shits so search yourself]
And as @mzonas said ewhoering is dead in facebook so move on
im dot doing ewhoring im trying to get visits from facebook to my website. Which is an footfetish site without pussy pics
If somebody report then FB team must ban fake account.
Stay at the bottom add those person who has almost 5 mutual friends after 2 days you will be getting some friend request and accept 5-10 per day until you get into the top
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