How to get back the Facebook Account after it is Disabled?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by thesmashge, Mar 4, 2013.

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    I just started getting Traffic and had a few sales and my Account got Disabled...
    I just uploaded sexy images nothing nude...But FB is showing some images of my
    friends ask me to select their name...
    I tried a couple of times and i failed.Anyone can help me to regain my account?
    Is there any service here for this type of thing?
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    When you get a roadblock, you will need to identify the pictures. There is no other alternative to it. I have lost most of my fake accounts that way.
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    IDK I use proxies
    read this below .. so that u can handle urself without any problem

    heres how i passed it (it took almost 10-15 tries)
    1. open two browsers
    2. For each photo, remeber a main characteristic of the person (chubby, blonde, singer, rocker, guitarist, nature person, etc)
    3. copy and paste the name into the other browser and do a search from another account (if your friendslist is hidden, you'll have to search from the facebook menu ... if your friendslist is visable you can search from the accounts friendlist)
    4. you have to do step 3 VERY QUICKLY.... quickly copy and paste names and take a brief look through photos if youre not too sure
    5. if two people look alike, or youre unable to find more than two people in the search, SKIP IT
    6. if 5 of the names do not look like the person, and you are unable to find 1 person in the search, select the person that you cant find and click submit.
    7. CULTURES IS CRUCIAL... if the person in the pic is WHITE ... theres usuaully no need to copy and paste names like 'Won Song Lee' or 'Ghuaravander Singh' .. likewise if they are black, or if they are asian, the matchup is usually a asian sounding name (usually)
    8. GOODLUCK ... keep trying until you get it...
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