How to Get Away From Murdering Facebook -- Journey Part 1: Pimping CPA Offers on Groups

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    I have an Instagram journey as well --

    And as you can see, it's pretty much all over the place.

    I'm a curious cat by nature so being distracted is part of me. But this time, I plan to change things.

    I guess that's what lasers do. In order to be very effective (at cutting things) they need to be focused on a single point and that point alone. I plan to do the same.

    A well-defined theme, structure, target, and tools. Let's start.


    GOAL: Well... Earn at least $50/day. After which, the whole system will be scaled and outsourced.

    THEME: Posting (read: spamming) on Facebook gropus

    STRUCTURE: Facebook accounts --> Facebook groups --> Landing page --> CPA offer

    TOOLS: FaceDominator


    Phase 1 -- Creating accounts

    I've tried Inception's method using MassPlanner with unlimited accounts module. I forgot one crucial thing --- I don't have account actions.

    So this time, I'll be using FaceDom. Because it's got all the modules I need all in one place, without having to buy anything else.

    ^ So far, the best guide there is to create ban resistant Facebook accounts. Will do that at least until I hit the limit of the number of accounts I can load on FaceDom.