How to get around Google local and Places

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    Hello Guys,

    I know im a newbee but sometimes is better for us to all have an open mind...since i joined the forum most of you has been very, very helpful so I think i should always pass on information that i think you nay find relevant even if it helps 20% of the readers and i get courtest thank you no problem. Im not a programmer but my strength is marketing research bla bla bla.


    Google is presently try to change it's ranking method due to decrease in business from addwords. It introduced google local and google places but a lot of people still mix this up.
    If you want to get your site out there with te new ranking method google is presently piloting you need to do the following

    Step 1

    Register an account and list all your websites. You're allowed 10 websites initially. for each of the site Google will do a phone verification by giving you a a 4 digit pin. Pls choose the phone verification option becos it will list you within 72hrs.

    STEP 2 ( use of Multiple phone number )

    If you have multiple site it's better to play safe and use different numbers for different sites.
    You can get family and friends phone numbers one at a time immediately you click submit an automated message comes up to give you the pin . Remember use different numbers for different websites.

    STEP 3 ( address )

    You can use the same building and list each of th websites 1st floor, 2nd floor all the way to the 10th floor so it looks like a separete business.

    MISCONCEPTION Google places and google Local

    Google local is free which is the one Ive just explained to you but google places is $25 per month which is googles new way of making loads of dosh

    With google places you can add tags for your business , special offers and coupons it is location specific

    Pls dont waste time register yourself for the google local becos a memo is out that it will start charging money for google local very soon . Im not allowed to put a link yet but i found the charge information on one its memo open to the public.

    I will get back to you in few days or weeks on how you can register 11 - 200 domains on google location with the mutiple phone and multipla address ideas

    Have a blessed day
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    you never got back with us ;)
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    Thanks for sharing such a important information. We are hoping more posts on such important information.