How to get active forum members?

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    I have a Youtube channel, that started it all.. it's not that big.. but It's getting there. I'm trying to promote my forum.. it's a music forum for Drum N' Bass/Techno/Trance/Dubstep. I need some advice on how to get some active members.
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    1. I suggest making/buying seperate "throw-away" accounts ripping and reuploading the most watched music in that genre. Throw your forum link in the description.

    2. Upload some specific type of text instructions on your server pertaining to your topic, like in article or blog form or a forum post, upload videos and put the written instruction link in the description, and at the end of the instructions, throw a presell pitch.
    "Got anymore questions? visit our forum!"

    3. Believe it or not, trying to SEO some popular Google images might work. I'd suggest album artwork in your case.

    4. Xrumer, build backlinks + get a little bit of traffic.

    5. If you have a little bit to throw into AdWords, that may be helpful to get a good amount of initial members.

    6. DONT make your site AdSense/ads heavy (yet), people are getting smart.

    7. Sort of goes with 5, but eh... See if you can buy some cheap banner space on other blogs or sites pertaining to your forum. It's unbelievable how many blog owners will sell VERY cheap advertising space (sometimes).

    8. Start and host a radio station on one of those sites that allows you to make and broadcast radio stations. I'm sure theres somehow you can put the forum link in the description, or have a sound file advertising for a few seconds after every couple songs.

    9. Hold contests with iTunes gift cards as prize or something. Always tends to get the people to stay.
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