How To Get A Free Month From Your Hosting Provider

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    Hi guys, today I found a way to get a free month from your hosting provider. I have reseller hosting from a big hosting company. I don't resell hosting, but i use it to make a fresh cpanel for each of my sites. I pay about $23/month for like 750 gigs.

    Its well worth it because the servers are blazing fast, and I never seen any down time since i been with them, But with all the subscriptions I have and stuff, it can add up. So I decided to send my provider an email labeled "downgrade"

    I asked for a 20% discount, and was hoping to get it, but they gave me the usual sorry but there is no way to add the discount once an account is created, but she offered me one month free, which was great because I was only bluffing, I would never leave them for some slow hosting.

    Now you can do the same with your host, because the two things a hosting provider never wants to hear is "Downgrade" or the thought that you might change providers. Your provider might give you more then one month free, or a discount, or they might just tell you good riddance... But if you use a real host like I do, then 9/10 they will hook you up with something.

    below is the ticket i opened up, so you can see how easy it was, and get an idea of what to say. Now don't give them any ultimatums or anything like that. When i got up this morning, I thought to my self, dam i want a discount and opened up a ticket.


    Hi, I was thinking about downgrading. I really don't resell cpanels. I  just use
    it to create new ones for my sites. I am wondering if you guys can add  the 20%
    discount you guys offer to people that try and leave the sign up page,  to my
    account. The normal price kinda adds up for me, and I really like your  servers
    and am hoping you can add the 20% discount to my account, so its more
    affordable me :)

    Thank you for your email.
    As your account has already been set up and is fully active I am unable  to apply any further discount to it.
    However, I am aware that this can be frustrating, and as compensation  would like to offer you 1 months free hosting credits.
    Please let me know if you would like me to add this to your account for  you and i shall do so.
    Kind regards,

    thanks that would be great, I sure could use the credit :)
    Thanks  for your help, keep up the good work ;-) 
    Good luck and hope this helps since everybody could use a break on the wallet now a days...
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