How to find trendy domain names with high exact search match

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    May 4, 2011
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    Hey guys,

    In the following thread I will explain you guys about a method I used to do manually to find good domain names.

    To use this method you going to use 2 free online tools:
    1. Google Trends
    2. Google Keyword Tools
    3. Godaddy

    So here hows it works:

    1st go to google trends and search for good catchy trends (usually im trying to stay away from people/celebs names).
    *with the new Google trends design you can now see how many search's in the US under each trend title.

    2nd After you found the trend you like go and check the search volume for this specific trend (I usually look for trends with 100k+ exact US search match)

    3rd now that you found a trend name with the stats you wanted you need to see if the domain is available so you go to godaddy
    or any other domain name registrar and check if the domain is available. (its better to use the exact keyword and don't use "-" if the domain is not available move on to the next thread)

    Its much more easy to start a new site when you have an exact domain name with exact high volume search ;)