How to find serious SEO guys?!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by renateh, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I am currently looking for a SEO guy (on+offpage) because I have bought a webproject recently ranking on the first sites and I want to push it to the top.

    I have posted several times, that I am looking for some SEO guys but I can't find anyone with reputation! Just newbies offering their services but to be honest.. you have no clue what they are doing or what they did before? Is here anyone who is serious about SEO and who can show me some former work? I am pretty desperate :eek:

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    To be honest, you are probably barking up the wrong tree. The serious SEO guys on this forum are making money for themselves. Taking up someone else's SEO project is going to take time away from what they are doing. It is likely that the project you need work for won't be worthwhile, is only short-term payout, and probably going to be generally a pain in the ass.

    SEO's not that hard to figure out. Just go check in the services section and pay people to build some links to your site. You'll save yourself a lot of money if you do that.
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    Superdude has it right.

    Most of the guys who have SEO down are using their skills on their own projects. Most of the people who sell full packages, either are newbies looking for a start, or people who just resell the services from the BST section.

    I am reasonably effective with my SEO skills, but I would not consider doing it for someone else for less than $150 an hour (to cover costs, time, drama, and the headaches of dealing with clients), and most of the people who want services like that, are not prepared to pay for it.

    If I were you would just read read read read and teach myself, the first step is to NAIL your onsite seo, because everything else is a waste without it. Then some link wheels/backlink packets from the BST section. Only get the ones which have a lot of great reviews, there are a few gems in there.
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    There are solid SEO guy on this site... as opposed to posting a thread looking for one, take a run through some of the buy,sell trade threads and you'll come across a bunch of services that you could use.

    Talk to the person offering their services and get to know them and ask them for some references. I doubt they will offer anything in the public and I am sure they will not share what their current clients are ranking for but I do know a bunch of them will show you their personal sites and what their personal sites rank for.