How to find out number of unique articles generated from spintax?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Monie, Sep 14, 2014.

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    I am using Wicked Article Creator, which just created a large spintax article that's 130 KB in size for my niche, which I suppose is pretty large.

    My question is - how many unique articles can this spintax article generate? Is there a tool that can help me find this? I know TBS has a feature where it can generate lots of articles from spintax and compare them against each other to check how unique they are. Unfortunately I don't have TBS. Is there any other free tool that can do this?

    I'm seriously considering AutoContentRewriter as well especially since it has TBS API integration (which I can use with the free X-Spinner API). Can ACW perhaps tell me the number of uniques that can be generated?
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    its really tough.. it purely depends on no of synonyms.

    lets say.

    we have just 3 words.

    a b c

    {aa|ab|ac} {ba|bb|bc} {ca|cb|cc}

    so now it can produce 3X3X3 => 27 Variations. ;) (its highest Possibilty..) but point is, in 450 words article we really cant guess.