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How to Find Niche Related Expired domains for your PBN [For Free]

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by blackiesap, Dec 8, 2015.

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    How to Find Niche Related Expired domains for your PBN (for Free)

    This is the method that I sometimes use to find niche related expired domains with decent metrics . The good thing about this method is you do not have to pay a lot of $$ for the domain or go to a bidding war in an auction. Find the domain with your desired metrics, register at your favorite domain name registrar for $10 or less, that's it!

    There are hardcore expired domain miners with custom software, crawlers etc spending a lot of resources . This method is not comparable to those :D This is a very basic way to get some decent domains and this guide is for the newbie, beginner who don't have all those resources.

    This method is not a new one, not invented my be or something. Not taking credit for it :D

    Basic Idea :

    Basic idea is to find old web site pages that contains URLS of other sites. Because some webmasters don't update their old pages , chances are that some of these URLS in those pages have been expired . What we are going to do is to get a list of these URLs and check if they are expired and available for registering. If they are available for registering, run through our metric checks and find if there are anything that we can use as a PBN domain!

    Lets get to business..

    What you need,

    1. Xenu link Sleuth
    2. MS Excel or Openoffie
    3. Majestic Account (or )
    4. Moz Account
    5. Firefox or Chrome with Moz bar enabled
    6. Bulk domain Checker


    1. Go to google.com and type ?Your niche? + ?links?
    2. Click Settings → Search Settings → Never show Instant Results
    Results per page 100
    Click Save
    3. Click Search Tools → Anytime-> custom Range-> From 2003 To 2011
    4. Click Moz Bar → Click Export SERP Analysis to CSV

    View attachment 73572
    5. Delete everything except the URL column
    6. click Filter->Test Filter-> Contains Link
    7. Copy the filtered list to a text file and save
    8. Open Xenu
    9. Go to Options-> Preference , Use the settings below

    View attachment 73574

    10. Run the saved text file with Xenu
    11. After Xenu has run your text file, Click Ctrl+T to export the list as a tab separated file

    View attachment 73573
    12. Export the URL list to Excel and Filter out all except having 'No Such Host'
    13. clean up the list - Delete the TLDs that you dont want etc.
    14. open a bulk domain checker , copy paste the domain list
    15. Get the available domains and filter them out to your metric preference

    How to filter out some good domains from this list

    This metrics filtering really depends on what you are looking for in a domain. Use this guide but use your own desired metrics preferences.

    If you are complete noob , You can use this guide here as a reference too.

    How to check Majestic, Moz and Archive.org

    1. Majestic

    If you have a Majestic account (paid one) you can use the bulk domain checker.

    Upload the available domain list and filter it according to your preference. If you like to sort the list according to to TF for example, you can choose it from the list.

    When you found anything interesting, go to the next step.

    1. Check for the anchor tags to see , if there are any Chinese, Russian or other foreign language anchor tags OR Viagra / shady anchors.
    2. Check for number of Backlinks/ Referring Ips/ EDU, GOV backlinks

    Note: If you do not have a paid account, you can still use the free account. The problem with the free account is you cant use the bulk checker and there's a limit to the queries you can make per day.
    I have found that this site
    gives free TF/CF checking. But I honestly don't know if there's any catch there, since Majestic API calling is expensive and these guys somehow offer it for free.

    2. Moz

    You can check the PA , DA of the domains here
    Some people do not go after PA, DA since it can be easily manipulated by SER link blasts and all. So it is really a personal preference.

    3. Archive.org

    When you find a domain that matched your TF/CF , DA/PA metrics, search for the domain in the Wayback machine.

    What to look for in the wayback machine:

    Is the domain has been used a s PBN in past?
    Is the domain used as Chinese/Russian Spam sites?

    If they are not used as PBNs in the past or were not used as Chinese/Russian spam sites you are good to register that particular domain!

    Using this method, I have found few decent expired domains in my niches. If you have the time and patience to go through the steps , you will also be able to find some good domains for less $$.

    You can use scrapebox to make this process easier.
    If I have missed something , sorry for that. Was writing in a hurry :D

    Good luck with domain hunting!
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    Sep 3, 2015
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    this is a great tutorial. thanks!