How to find keyword targeted Forums that allow html and/or [IMG]

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    Hello everyone!

    I found this simple trock in a ebook I was reading. I hope it is useful to everyone (especially the newbie like myself). Any ways this is a search tactic with google to allow you to find forums that allow html and/or images to be placed in the posts you make for your respective niche. Could be useful for blackhat tactics.

    Here is the search code for images

    "__________________"" code is on""keyword(s)"

    for html

    "__________________""html code is on""keyword(s)"

    Please note that you must us the parenthesis and that there is exactly 18 underscores in the first part of the search. the ebook said to be sure there was exactly 18 underscores (not dashes). I am not sure why this is. I have not tried another number than 18 so I do not know if the number of underscores is a hard figure.

    Try it out. I have found many forums in this manner.

    I hope this helps some of you!

    PS> I hope everyone is enjoying march madness! From my tag you know I am!
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    haha thanks!

    btw: Go UMD!