How to find if your traffic is fake or real ?Must read

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    sorry for being a pain,it would be great if you read and answer me.
    Most sellers who says that they can deliever you real traffic are liars.when you check your google analytics,you see that the service provider of visitors are the cheap and low quality isp(amazon technologies,ovh etc);the same sort of visitors that you get from traffic exchange sites whose users surf sites by VPS.
    I have bought 100 k visitors from a seller who pretends selling real human visitors.I am not that sort of newbies who cant distinguish fake traffic.i checked some important elements and i wonder if it is fake traffic or not.look at my jouney:
    1-I checked my google analytics and i there is some points to be mentionned:
    -when the bounce rate is too low or too high,there is normally something wrong,but the bounce rate of the visitors which i bought is ideal:about 50 percent
    -the isp of visitors are very vital.the ISPs like OVH and Amazon technologies are known to be fake traffic.for example,the visitors you get from hitleap uses theses sort of low quality ISP.the ISP of the visitors that i bought are real.i checked the hosts and they are really human and not bot.
    -the time that visitors passes on your site must not be too short.i checked the duration of visitors;they stays in average 3 minutes on my site which seems real and natural.
    2-i checked the "Similarweb" and yes i had got ranks from the countries that i ordered to the seller;i wanted visitors from Russia and Pakistan and similar web showed that most of my visitors are from Russia and Pakistan.
    3-The last and the disappointing point,i checked my Alexa rank,and surprisingly,i have got rank from Sri Lanka country and not from Russia or Pakistan.and the most suspect point:the seller is from Sri Lanka!i consulted that with the seller and he said that he dont know what is wrong because he deliever real traffic.
    so what is your opinions?is this a mistake by Alexa?or Google Analytics and similarweb has been fooled by the seller trick and Alexa is more intelligent?
    sorry for my broken english.