How to find content that rocks?

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    Just grabbed the amazing eBook posted here that handled to write articles in about 7 minutes. Awesome read!

    Now my problem is that I need more insight on what people are willing to read. How can I write on better topics that is demanded by more?

    Should I use keywords from yahoo top 100 search strings, or are there better ways?
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    That's a great question and to put it simple enough , there is a reader for every writer.

    So now your question is where to start and how to make it interesting ?
    To keep it simple again cus im a simple guy, write on what you know.
    If you write on what you know, what you are passionate about, then in turn any article you write where someone who reads it because they have a like passion, your information will explode off that page just based on your passion.
    So look it this way, say you have a knack for SEO , you know it, you study it, you live it, its your game. Well there you go, how easy could you find topics to write about on that subject? Not so hard right.
    But now say you are going to write about something that you found in yahoo top 100, and you have no clue or even interest in it. Well now you have to do some work, and most of us don't like work. You have to research that topic, find information that makes sense, find out if people are really interested in it , and so on bla,bla,bla. That what it will feel like.

    So don't beat yourself up with what you don't know and reward yourself with what you do know.
    Believe me there is reader for your passion and a product to go along with it to sell.
    Best of luck and Blessings