How to Find and Promote a good CPA offer


Apr 24, 2008
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I Would like to learn How to Promote a good CPA offer...

Now I'm sending targeted traffic directly to the cpa link ... but NO leads...

what's wrong?
it could be a range of things why its not converting!
landing page? ur traffic? offer itself?

run thoruhg, does the page look good?
is ur traffic fully targeted?
is there offer the right time to promote?
its good to promote diet offers this time round the year but not good promoting hoiliday offers etc!

thers loads of things, i think you may need to read up a bit more!
Hi kammykhan,

Thanks for your answer.

I understand the CPA timing...

I'm gonna learning promoting CPA as fast as possible!

to promote CPA I use directly their link.... without a mine website or landpage... it correct?

I need to find a cheap traffic source solution...

I buy traffic from mediatraffic ... very targeted ... i'm guessing if it's the best solution

(it's adware) or it's better addonnetwork or cpx... but ... very low conversion...

do you have good tips?
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