How to fake referrer with CPA Lead

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    Firstly you're going to need a domain you can use for a video related site, this will be the site that CPA Lead thinks is making us money.

    Then you need to create a new widget, once you've got this widget copy the code and we're going to create a document.

    <title>Movie Site</title>
    if ($_GET['video'] == "1") {
    echo "<h1>Movie Name</h1>";
    echo "<p>Video Embed Code</p>";
    elseif ($_GET['video'] == "2") {
    echo "<h1>Movie 2 Name</h1>";
    echo "<p>Video 2 Embed Code</p>";
    elseif ($_GET['video'] == "393234") {
    echo "";
    else { echo "This video doesn't exist."; }
    The above code is just a basic example to show you how this will work, you're obviously going to want to add in a design etc. This is just to get you going.

    Save this file as watch.php, you'll also be required to make an index page which links to the movies that you'll actually make work.

    Now for the blackhat website which you've created and want to promote ************** with, can be anything you like. Copy this code into it just after the <body> tags.

    <iframe src="watch.php?video=393234" style="border: 0pt none; position: absolute; width: 100%; height: 100%;" scrolling="no"></iframe>

    Now when CPA Lead check referrer they will see watch.php which says invalid video entered, and from your website index page all the videos it links to will work. They won't know anything about your blackhat site.

    Enjoy and please give me a little thanks by at least hitting the thanks button or taking your time to post
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