How to evaluate sites to post link now when the PR is gone


Feb 28, 2013
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I wonder what to do now, before I used PR, now I use alexa, but is it tha same as PR, does it come close?
The only thing that matters is traffic. Any website with decent amount of traffic is a good place to have a backlink from.
PR hasn't been used in a long long time.

TF/CF, ahrefs rank and looking at the individual backlinks of a site are how you determine its power now.
There is Moz's DA/PA as well as Majestics TF/CF which are what most webmasters are using nowadays.
actually there are those who say PR never vanished...but Moz/ahref certainly used it to promote their stuff. DA is less than useful for website that are small and/or with a big PBN ^^
actually there are those who say PR never vanished...

True. PR is still used for us who have access to it. Me, google and a few other high rollers can still see PR. But for the mass its not availible anymore.
Check the domain's TF and PA. Also you can check the site if it has lots of audience, shares (in social media) example of this are publisher site.
When you want to get links at least you should to consider get link from a relevant, trusted source and have traffics.
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Relevancy with clean backlink profile, is the best way to go.
DA is worthless.
Link building is the most important. Your backlink profile will determine your DA/PA & TF, so concentrate on that.
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