How to Encourage Readers to Engage With Your Contents

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    Since I started providing content writing services to my clients, they have always stressed the importance of communicating their brand to their target audience. I tell them that content itself is not enough to make their business a success. They need to grow their reader engagement to build brand awareness, and increase sales while spending less attracting potential customers. Your readers are helping your brand widen its reach by sharing your content that they have found helpful. Aside from having well-written and effective contents, you must also consider the following:

    1. Understand your audience –Your goal should be to provide contents that have value to your readers. Think of something that can help them. That’s why it is very important to know your target so you’d know how to help them.

    2. Write a catchy headline – Create something that will make it hard for your readers to ignore your article. I am not saying you should write click-bait titles. What I am saying is that you should write straightforward titles. Write what your readers can expect in the body of your article right away.

    3. Publish content/Share at the best times - Schedule your post on certain times that your website gets the peak of users/visitors. Check your Google Analytics. What time of the day do you get the most visitors? How about on weekends?

    4. Send the right message to the right platform- Every social media platform has a distinctive audience, you have to know what they are to effectively promote your content. I read somewhere that if your niche is in the financial space, go to Twitter. If your niche is in the entertainment industry, go to Facebook. Well, do a split test to see if that’s true or if that works for you.

    5. Publish different types of content – Use images, infographic materials, and videos to support your contents. Start with the resources that you have. Outsource the ones that you cannot do on your own.

    6. Ask questions and respond to comments - One way to encourage reader engagement is to elicit answers and respond to them. Do you have a virtual assistant assigned to respond to non-spam comments on your blog posts?

    How about you my fellow BHW members, how often do you engage with the contents you read? What would make you share an article to your friends and families?
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