How to enable and use Canned Responses

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    Hi everyone,

    Today i want to share one of my favorite function of Gmail, and i think it will help you saving a lot of time which called "Canned Responses"

    What is Gmail Labs?
    "Gmail Labs allows you to try out experimental new features in Gmail." In short, they’re awesome new features that you get to demo.

    How to browse and enable Labs?
    1. Click on the Settings.
    2. Click on the Labs tab at the top.
    3. Click the ‘Enable’ button next to Labs you want (Choose Canned Responses), then click ‘Save Changes’ at the top/bottom of the page.
    What is Canned Responses?
    Canned Responses** – Do you often send the same email response several times a day? Save your time typing and create a canned response. The option will appear in your Compose a Message view when you enable it.

    How to create Canned Responses?
    1. Click on "Compose." This button is near the top of the left-hand bar in your Gmail window.
    2. Create a response. To do this, either write the email you want to have as a canned response or copy and paste from a previous thread.
      Consider bolding or highlighting anything that will have to be changed in future versions of the response, including names and dates.
    3. Click the arrow next to the trash icon on the bottom right of the compose box.
    4. Select "Canned response" on the menu that opens then click "New canned response" on the submenu.
    5. Name your response. Call it something that will help you remember when to use your canned response, such as "Guest Post Template" or "Sponsored Post Template"
    How to use Canned Responses?
    1. Click on "Compose." This button is near the top of the left-hand bar in your Gmail window.
    2. Click on "Canned responses."
    3. Click on the name of the template you'd like to use. Your saved responses are located under the "Insert" heading.
    4. Change any information in the canned response that needs to be modified usually receiver's name. Don't forget to add Subject, "Canned Responses" do not save Subject as Template.
    5. Send your mail.